Friday, December 22, 2006

I don't wanna!

As the days continue to creep toward the 25th, the more I want to just sleep. I don't want to go visiting family except for the ones I like. I don't wanna play nice! I don't wanna stop shopping! I don't wanna wrap presents, do the dishes, bake cookies, decorate or even drag the tree out of the garage.


With that out of my system, I'll say that I am doing all of them above. We baked sugar cookies last night and I even found a recipe for buttercream icing with no shortening or raw eggs. Yay! We still have every intention of sending out holiday cards except they've been promoted to Happy New Year cards. (I did get a decent enough to send out picture the other day, but Josh says it looks too 'posed'. hrmph.)

In summary, I'm still here.

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