Wednesday, December 13, 2006

in writing on an official document

But it's really not about me. It's about Claire and her first ever report card. (okay, a little bit about me, too)

"Claire is one of the most charming and caring students I have ever had the privilege to teach. She is also academically gifted and eager to learn. This is a dream come true for any educator. I love to see her perform, dance, and sing. Thank you for supporting my endeavors to assist Claire to reach for the stars. I have no doubt that she can and will succeed in reaching her highest potential, both intellectually and socially. Let's keep working together toward our common quest to improve her skills in all the standards, but with a particular focus on writing and comprehension. Let's also encourage her to believe in herself and her many talents. Be proud of your exquisite parental skills!"
I'm just sayin'.
(and yes, super proud of my kid)


Gretchen said...

That there is on her Permanent Record! When she's a grumpy teenager you can whip it out and wave it around..."Exquisite parenting! Do you see that, dear? Exquisite!"

Nicki said...

Damn, I need someone to write a letter like that in my life! I could use it these days! You SHOULD be proud and so should she :-)