Thursday, March 08, 2007

the school went on lockdown yesterday

And this is why:

HACIENDA HEIGHTS, Calif. -- A shooting about a block from an elementary school in Hacienda Heights Monday afternoon left one boy dead and another in extremely critical condition, authorities said.
The shooting occurred in a wash area near the 15600 block of Los Altos Drive near Los Altos Elementary School at 2:11 p.m., said Capt. Mark Savage of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
The surviving victim was hospitalized in extremely critical condition at County-USC Medical Center, said Deputy Tania Plunkett.
The school was put on lockdown for about an hour, and then students were released.
Well, dayumn! Kaylie told me about the lockdown and I heard the police and news helicopters. Our school wasn't in lockdown for very long; the school closest to where the shooting occured is across town near where Claire went to preschool. Nothing distinguishes one area from another, as far as violence goes. Things seem to be heating up lately. Graffiti is an epidemic. Our neighbor's house was broken in to last week.
I'm so grateful for my big, loud, mean-looking dog.
edited to add:
Just for shits and giggles, I thought I'd post another news story I happened upon while searching for more information on today's local shooting. I remember when this incident happened last year. It's literally 1/4 mile from our house. Literally.
Kidnapping trial to begin Mar. 25
POMONA - The jury trial of a man accused of kidnapping a Hacienda Heights woman for ransom will begin March 25, representatives from the L.A. County District Attorney's office said.
Brandon Lee Escalante, 25, faces charges of kidnapping for ransom, attempted forcible rape, carjacking, first degree burglary and assault with a deadly weapon, among others.
He could be facing life in prison.
Police said Escalante was burglarizing a home in Hacienda Heights when the victim and her two children returned home and interrupted him.
He allegedly tied the children up, forced her into his car, called the woman's husband and attempted to ransom her for $5,000.
Police arrested him before he collected the money.

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