Saturday, March 10, 2007

baby brookie's big day

Next week this sweet little girl will be one year old. Can anyone believe it's been a whole year? Her birthday celebration is today (the actual party) and will incorporate the Korean traditions of tol. I found this info at

In this event, along with food, items such as large bundle of thread, a brush, a Korean calligraphy set, pencil, book, money (10,000 won bills), bow and arrow (needle, scissors, and ruler for girls) are arranged on the table to predict the child's future.The birthday child goes around the table and picks up the items that attract him. The child's future is predicted according to what he chooses. After placing the child in front of the table, the child's father becomes the guide for the child to go around the table and choose whatever he wants. The first and second items the child grabs are considered the most important. Usually, Korean parents place the items that they want the child to choose near to the edge of the table.

The child's future is predicted according to the items:

bow and arrow: the child will become a warrior
needle and thread: the child will live long
jujube: the child will have many descendants
book, pencil, or related items: the child will become a successful scholar
rice or rice cake: the child will become rich (some say choosing a rice cake means the child is not smart)
ruler, needle, scissors: the child will be talented with his/her hands
knife: the child will be a good cook
After the Toljabee, the parents share most of the Tol food with the guests and relatives.

It's going to be SO much fun and hopefully SO much food! ;)

Happy birthday sweet Brookie Cookie!

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Laura said...

just a little update - Brooke picked the pencil, then the microphone (entertainer), then the cash :)