Friday, March 16, 2007


Not much has happened lately so there hasn't been much to post about. Lots of little things here and there, but nothing major. Thank goodness! The biggest deal to me is that March 11 finally came and went...more sunshine! I only feel alive on these long days full of light. The decision to make Daylight Savings earlier this year made such a wonderful difference in my life. Love it!

Last week Josh finished working on the Soul Train Music Awards and has some much deserved time off. We're spending lots of time just being together, talking, working on the house, painting the inside, enjoying the kids. There was a job he was almost offered a month ago that was a great opportunity (read $$$) but would have taken him out-of-state for several weeks. The company ended up choosing someone else which was a brief disappointment and then massive relief, until they called back and hired him, damn it. I suppose a lot of my thoughts right now are just on soaking up Joshie while he's still here and mentally readying myself for a long stretch of being the only parent home. I'm not too worried, but I know I'l miss him and so will the girls (and the damned mopey dog) but we'll spend a lot of time with our surrogate families. Steph and Bryan. Teresa and Jordan. Hannah and her family. I can always call my preschool mom friends and I'm going to begin a massive campaign to get Gretchen out here for a visit, too.

I'll be okay. We all will. It's just going to suck for a while.

So that's where I've been and that's where I'll be.


Nicki said...

Aww, I can relate. Tony's gone for 3 straight weeks and it sucks ASS. Particularily becuase my house is still completley packed in boxes, the baby is so clingy I cant put her down, Noah is as needy as ever and its his birthday tomorrow and I only know one person here who can't help due to severe food allergies. I'm reading about your support network and am jealous as hell. Care to fly down for a few weeks?! Haha

Laura said...

Awww Nicki, you know you're welcome here whenever you want or need! Always. I've been thinking of you lately. You need to rename your blog "Adopting from Vietnam since BEFORE it was trendy" ;) Ugh, that woman and her souvenir babies.

frectis said...

ROFLMAO. Nicki, why on earth did you move? I still have no idea. I've never been there, but I think I'd rather live in TX than MI and definitely would live in Hell over NM. Hmmm... same place?

California here I come!!!!!!!