Friday, March 23, 2007

what kind of idiot, part deux

What kind of idiot STUBS THEIR BROKEN TOE on their own shoe? Yep. Yours truly.

In my own defense, I was chasing after Mia who had crawled out of my line of vision. I just didn't manage to get my foot up high enough over the shoes I had just taken off to settle in on the floor. I totally cried in front of Claire. I think I scared her. But oohhh did it hurt! and started swelling all over again. Fabulous! Just in time for Josh to leave so I won't be able to take time to put my foot up as much, or I won't have the option of not getting up and walking around. Effing fabulous.

I tossed the "deux" in there for Josh and his comments on my newfound love of the French language and Bryan, because I know how he loves everything French - people, songs, food, fries...everything. Bryan just looooves him the French people, he does. (yes, I'm totally kidding on both counts)

P.S. to Bryan AND Steph - BABY GAMES
just a reminder :)

1 comment:

josh said...

i did notice the french, but I was sure it would have been "...part duh!" LOVE YOU, Hope your foot feels better! :-)