Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/19 favorite favorites

6/19 favorite favorites
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Images appeared in Explore on 6/19/07. Please visit the originals and the photographers by clicking on the links below:

1. Pinkalicious Splash !, 2. Door Kroustas, 3. A very cool wall I saw while driving down the road the other day..., 4. Abstracted, 5. Bestfriends, 6. Star Fish Cottage, 7. pink patchwork tote, 8. Pretty Pink, 9. an ocean & ship, 10. Moon-Venus June 2007 conjunction, 11. Shells, 12. The Wizard, 13. Catch me if you can, 14. venus and her cradle, 15. Untitled, 16. Back Light(My 14th Explore), 17. straw - pajitas de colores, 18. Love his baby blues!, 19. For Mom, 20. Untitled

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Cohnhead said...

Hey Laura! Thanks for checking out my pool blog. It's really just to show friends and family the progress of the pool; nothing else very interesting on there :-). I try to read your blog whenever I think about it. I LOVE the mosaics you can do on flickr! Send me a picture of Buddy when you get a chance. Trevor is about 65 lbs. and (thankfully!) full grown now :-) -Rochelle