Sunday, June 10, 2007

rainbow week

I've found a new obsession - Flickr! I've probably tagged about a thousand favorites. It's complete eye candy and so inspiring.
After browsing for a couple of weeks I took the plunge and joined a group called Rainbow Week. The idea is to take a picture with a different theme color each day of the week. I created a little mosaic with fd's flickr toys of this week's entry. I took Thursday's photo (green) a day late so I never posted it to the group. Friday is blue, Saturday indigo, Sunday violet.

rainbow week mosaic 1
Originally uploaded by laura carmer

1. under the bridge downtown, 2. blue ribbons, 3. indigo stars, 4. this summer's beach bag


Nicki said...

That is totally inspired. I'm joining!

Laura said...

COOL! I can't wait to see you there. Warning's totally addicting.