Monday, June 11, 2007

pink flowers

pink flowers
Originally uploaded by laura carmer

I learned myself how to make a mosaic this morning over at fd's flickr toys. I think it came out pretty nicely, don't you? Of course, all the credit goes to the photographers for sharing their beautiful work.

Look for lots more mosaics to come...

this collection made possible with original photos by the following:

1. pink & green chandelier - rsh, 2. ikea chandelier remix, 3. Something old something new, 4. cuz who doesn't need a pink chandelier??, 5. Think Pink, 6. Flamboyant, 7. decorated chandelier, 8. chandelier, 9. pink tinge, 10. Bling Bling, 11. ...*Chandelier*..., 12. pink ceiling, 13. Gorgeous pink crystal chandelier, 14. Chandelier, 15. Pink Chandelier, 16. Funky Chandelier Downtown, 17. Succotash chandelier, 18. pink chandelier, 19. pink Hollywood Regency style chandelier, 20. Pink Chandelier, 21. Pink Ladies' Chandelier, 22. chandelier, 23. Pink champagne on ice, 24. the calendar hung itself, 25. L

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