Saturday, August 25, 2007

baby shower guest/sign-in book for emily

This is my latest little book project, a baby shower book for Emily. My cousin Jessica at Creative Chick Designs expressed interest in taking some books to a craft show in Austin so I whipped up a few basic designs to send to her.

Other than that, we're busy wasting time at the beach before school starts on Wednesday. No school for me this semester, I'm still waiting to hear when my nannying position (for Mia) will begin. Ha, ha guys but seriously. Let me know what's up because my schedule is filling up. ;)

to those of you with no sense of humor at all, yes, I am completely joking.

To celebrate my first half-week alone (during the day, at least) in nearly 10 years, I will be buying a new book and reading it at the beach sometime this week. Completely self-indulgent, I know. :) Any book suggestions?

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