Tuesday, November 13, 2007

well DUH! ;)

cash advance

I snagged this from my friend Robin's blog. Robin also tagged me...yay! Now my day has purpose! ;) Expect L O T S more blogging when Josh is gone. I just hope I can think of some friends to tag that Robin didn't! ;)

By the way, some of the ladies (Gretch, Robin, Frectis, Myris) in my blogroll I have known for nearly ELEVEN YEARS. I just think that is so incredibly cool. They've taught me everything I know about birth and being a mom. Eleven years. Damn!


Robin said...

Can you believe it's been that long? And Hilary will be 16 in a few weeks - forget that Isaac is 10, Lilah just turned 7 and Owen and Clara will be FIVE.

Laura said...

I love that it's been that long - I just can't believe we're that OLD now! ;) It especially worries me when Robin-who-is-younger-than-me is going to bed before 10pm! I will also forever think of Clara and Owen as 2 years old ;) Just so you know...

SighsofmyLife said...

Awww. I got a mention!

11 years. Who would have ever thought.

And I'm definitely old now. Hit 40 in October. Isn't that, like, middle-aged?