Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've been so quiet lately because I've been busy with the chickens. Oh sure, lots of other things too but I spend most of my empty day watching the chickens and emailing Josh updates about what they're doing because they're such comedy. Well, I update him in between sitting on my ass eating bon bons and watching Jerry Springer! (picture Peg Bundy)

Since I've been neglecting my blog, I wondered if I should subject my five loyal readers to a daily chicken update. You might like it...I've gotten some wacky eggs this week from the new chickens because they just started laying and they are pretty funny while trying to get the hang of where to lay their egg!

I've also been concentrating on taking a picture every day in 2008 through a flickr group called 2008: Year In Pictures. Here is my set and here is the group. I'm pretty in love with it so far, even if the pictures aren't of any quality, they are a great way to document our daily lives without me having to write and get all emotional. I'm really digging it.

Stay tuned for the answer to this question tomorrow:
"What time is it?!"


The husband! :-) said...

I love my chicken updates! They make me feel like I am at home! MWAH!

SighsofmyLife said...

I'll take daily chicken updates and live vicariously through you! I'd love to have chickens. One day. . .

Anonymous said...

You are kidding, right? You think you only have five readers???

Keep up the chicken updates!

:-) Sharon at the Shore

Laura said...

I'm so glad that you all (y'all for those in TX) enjoy the chicken updates. My greatest fear (and Josh's most sincere hope!) is that I'll turn into a SERIOUS chicken lady and talk about nothing else. I'm getting close, I swear.

Sharon, I could name all five of you ;) But you're sweet, thanks :)

LC said...

I hope you count me in as one of your fabulous five, and yes, I love the chickens!

And on a completetly unrelated note, our favorite rockstar is slated for a Grammy appearance tomorrow night, complete with a backing orchestra.