Sunday, February 03, 2008

more stuff

Chicken update: all is well and good with the chickens this week. We got 12 eggs total, 5 from Scratch, 4 green from the "Ameraucana", 2 from Little Red and 1 brown from the other "Ameraucana". Not bad! I'm surprised at how hard their shells and inner membranes are compared with store-bought eggs and because they're free range and eat lots of greens, the yolks are nearly orange. Our dear friends Janice and Kris came over with their son Trenton and we are happy to say that they are chicken converts. Trenton is a boy after my own heart, digging away for earthworms and feeding them to the chickens. The best moment is when he triumphantly appeared at the back door with Little Red in his hands! Chickens are the best, I swear.

Oh, and here's the answer to "what time is it?" from my post on 1/29. Thanks for the birthday wishes! (pbj time = my birthday :)

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SighsofmyLife said...

I love *real* eggs. We always said that store-bought eggs are anemic - they are so unlike real eggs. Send me some virtual eggs, kay?