Sunday, February 24, 2008

check this out!

Yesterday I went outside to check for eggs and Claire followed me. As we walked up to the coop, I could hear the familiar shuddering noise that is Plumpy, our Rhode Island Red trying to lay an egg. We heard the same noise for two days when her sister died on New Year's Eve. She seems to occasionally have a hard time laying her eggs but I thought we'd worked out all the kinks. Not so much. Josh said she had been in there for over two hours but he didn't want me to worry. (I caught the Catalina Cold that two of the girls in my dorm came down with) Claire and I both had our cameras and I opened the back of the coop to see what was going on. Sometimes Plumpy just likes to hang out on her egg for a while after she's laid it. Claire turned on her camera and all its beeps and boops, not to mention the giant keychain charm on the camera strap, started Plumpy and she got up and took off, out the coop and up the hill. Grrrreat, I'm thinking. Then I saw it: the egg was starting to crown while she was walking! Claire and I hurried through the mud and I fired off three quick shots before I heard a little "dink!". The egg rolled down the hill and landed next to a little rock and some nasturtiums. It was CRAAAAZY!

See, didn't I tell you chickens are fun? Next we want a rooster for a week or two. His name will be "Hot Wings".

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Anonymous said...

THAT is the coolest shot EVER!!!!!!!