Friday, March 07, 2008

I am once again gainfully employed

Thanks to a dear friend I am once again gainfully employed. I start work on Monday. I'll never mention the name of the school here because if there's one thing the Internets have taught me is that work and blogging rarely mix well. I will say that it's a school in Pasadena and I'll be an administrative assistant in the Distance Learning department. I've already met several people in the office and from what I can tell, it's definitely my kind of place and my kind of people. Not to mention that my dear Janice is in the office right next to me!! The nervousness of starting work again has worn off and the excitement has set in. Yay!

Other good things: I sold one of my guest books to a lovely lady in Texas for a baby shower she was hosting. I also have my first egg customer (a neighbor's mom, someone who has actually known me all my life) who is going to buy a dozen eggs every Friday. It's not about the money, it's about sharing the eggs with someone who appreciates them. Homegrown eggs are much different than store bought eggs. Once you see the difference it's hard to go back to those anemic, battery hen store-bought eggs.

And we bought four baby chicks today. Three barred rocks and one buff orpington. THEY ARE SO STINKING CUTE!!

Times they are a changin'.


that husband guy said...

congratulations on being you! oh i mean, being recognized for being you, awesome, beautiful, smart, funny, talented you! oh, i am so happy and proud that you are with me! :-) Love you!

your wife said...

thank you, baby. I love you too! I hope this year just gets better and better for us.

LC said...

Hey Working Girl! Just think of all the cute work outfits that are in your future. I swear, that is what keeps me going -- well, that and weekends and paydays. I am so happy for you. (And yes, it is wise to keep your blog on the down low -- you know the drill).

So congratulations on gainful employment! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending good work vibes your way.

Love, LC

P.S. You two are so cute, these love notes.