Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I heart school

Even though it's always such a drag to get up and out of the house on Claire's school days, I'm always glad we did. Today we dyed eggs. But the real lesson we learned was about sharing.

At snack time we celebrated Andrew's birthday with Spiderman cupcakes. It turned out that we were three short - Claire, Sienah and Fabiana. So the moms were all rushing around fixing three extra plates, but there were only two cupcakes. That's when Isabella told me that Jessica (her daughter) wanted to share her cupcake with Claire. !!!! A 3-year old who wants to share a cupcake? Really, I told her, you don't need to go through any trouble. Claire will be just fine. But no, Jessica wanted to do it. So she brought the little half cupcake over to Claire's table on a napkin. Claire was thrilled! She said thank you, but Jess didn't really hear, so I told Claire to say it again and give a big hug. And she did. And they hugged. OMG, it was so cute.

At the end of class, someone was upset because they didn't have any dyed eggs to put in the little bunny "basket" we made. (I forgot which kid it was) So Claire and Sienah each gave that child one of their eggs. And when we first got to class, we shared two of our four hard boiled eggs with Sienah so she'd have eggs to dye.

Don't you just love it? 3 and 4-year olds learning how to share. I love it. LOVE IT.

And I got a call from an old friend this morning. That's always thrilling. :)

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